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  • Does your organization have employees from non-English speaking countries?
  • Do they need English communication improvement?
  • Do you want these employees to…
    • Optimize their American cultural experience?
    • Learn industry terminology?
    • Enhance their social communication skills?
    • All of the above? 

LOQUUS - English Language Services can help.

Employees have different degrees of deficiencies and different degrees of proficiencies.  Therefore, LOQUUS customizes high-quality English language training programs to the needs of organizations and employees.  We have over 1,000 hours of the most effective online and in-class teaching materials for English language training. These training tools are adaptable to your goals.  Furthermore, LOQUUS can design an in-house English language ecosystem for you or provide support to your existing curriculum.

Maximize your investment in your company's most important resource:  your employees.
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