Academic English Classes/Tutor

LOQUUS Prices for Services Rendered

LOQUUS is dedicated to providing high-quality English education at an excellent value.

Tutoring Fees*

One-on-One and Small Group Lesson Fees (per hour)

One-on-One $60

Two-on-One $110

Three-on-One $150

Four-on-One $180

For efficiency and effectiveness, we try to maintain groups of 4 or less, though exceptions can be made. This provides small group atmosphere, but also allows for individual attention throughout the lesson. If you are interested in larger groups, course-based may be appropriate. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Course Fees*

Course-based instruction requires a minimum of 4 students, but limited to a maximum of 8.
Course Hours # of Students Price Per Person
15 4-8 $450
20 4-8 $540
25 4-8 $625
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If you’ve registered or taken a LOQUUS course and want to refer a friend or family member, email their name and contact information to Scott Green at and once that person registers, you receive money back!

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*Tutor fees include all taxes and reasonable travel expenses; however, do not include cost for textbooks or extensive travel.