Greetings in American English

Bob Schoenfeld

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Greetings in American English

What’s the skinny, my friend?


The beginning of a conversation is so important in English. It sets the tone (good English idiom!).  It can give you confidence or make you nervous. It can make a good first impression or a bad first impression.




How are you?

Good Morning.

Good Afternoon.


No problems here - easy greetings that everyone uses. However, what about these:


What’s happening?

What’s going on?

What’s the skinny?

What’s the happy-haps?

What’s new?


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IELTS or TOEFL Test? A Comparison to Help You Decide


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Most students need to pass an English proficiency exam in order to gain admittance to an American university. In the past, TOEFL was the most commonly accepted English exam. However, in recent years the IELTS exam has become just as widely accepted as the TOEFL.


So what are the differences? Which one should you take?


Let’s look at the differences between the four sections: reading, speaking, listening, and writing.







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