American Culture Assistance

Academic English Classes/Tutor


As the wife or husband of someone working in a foreign country, adjusting to life can be stressful and uncomfortable. We are available to answer all questions - be it setting up utilities, setting appointments or lifestyle options. If you need someone to be at your home when the cable installer shows up, LOQUUS is available to help spouses of workers become more familiar with living in their new city. Consider our language concierge who can instruct you in English and then take you out to stores to practice your English.


Did your co-worker just have a baby? Did your professor experience a death in the family? Have you been invited to an office happy hour? The ability to live and work in the United States doesn’t require just English skills. International professionals and students need to understand the cultural norms of American society.

At LOQUUS, you can dedicate as much of each lesson to learning the culture as you’d like. Proper business and academic etiquette is as important in America as in your home country and we can help you in these areas.


Fore! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and great weather of Phoenix’s best golf courses. Begin the day with a professional English instructor and learn the grammar and vocabulary needed to experience the American golf outing. Learn the terms needed to make reservations, navigate the golf course and speak with your personal golf pro. Practice small talk on the course and improve your golf game. Learn the etiquette used to golf with your co-workers. After golf, explore all Phoenix has to offer, or dine with your instructors.

We'll help you tranisition easier to American culture.  Contact us today.